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Ramanathapuram District Administration


Coastal Length

Coastal Name Palk Bay Gulf of Mannar Total
Coromandel Coast 77 160 237


General Details

Sl no Fisheries Details Nos
1 Mechanised Boats 1596
2 Country Boats 4372
3 Jetties 12
4 Fishermen Populations 171722
5 Marine Fishing Villages 180
6 Landing Centers 17


Fishing Crafts

Sl no Fishing Crafts Mechanised Vallam Latemarines
1 Mandapam 576 366 -
2 Rameshwaram 818 951 -
3 Ramanathapuram 202 3055
4 Total 1596 4372 -


Fishing Gears

Sl no Gear Type Quantity
1 Trawig net 3539
2 Gill net 59232
3 Longline 1399
4 Traps 2412
5 Shoresrine 583
6 Others 572
7 Total 72885


Gearwise Fish Production

Sl. No. Gear Type Production in Tonnes
1Trawl net49381
2Surrounding net1273
3Gill net32375
4Seine net536
5Line fishing3529


Pearl Fishery
Ramanathapuram coast is well known for pearl fishing. The Pandyan kings who ruled over this District exploited the pearl fisheries of the East Coast. The cholas who succeeded Pandyas not only patronized pearl fishing but also developed it with great care in the Palk and Gulf of Mannar. Marco Polo (1260-1300) who traveled in State India during this period says in his account that the pearl fishing was monopolised by Pandyas. The large quantity of pearls collected from the pearl beds were exported to Mediterranean countries.

Off late the pearl fisheries along the Coast Ramanathapuram is diminished. Hence commercial pearl farming had been reduced.

Chank Fishery
Ramanathapuram District has distinct chank fishery. Jadhi Chanks are in abundant in the Palk Bay strait and Gulf of Mannar. More than 2000 fishermen are engaged in active chank diving and sacred chank collected by divers are marketed to West Bengal for making ornaments. This contributes significantly to the development of fisheries.

Shrimp Farming
About 162 Shrimp farms are operating in the district to the extent of water spread area of 378ha which follows the semi- intensive type of prawn culture. Shrimp harvested from these farms are exported to Japan, USA and European countries, which earns sizable foreign exchange for the country.

Fish Culture in Cages
Ramanathapuram Coastal villages mainly Thondi, Erwadi, Mandapam, Thangachimadam and Olaikuda areas are suitable for erecting cages for fish culture as an alternative livelihood for fisherfolk. The fishermen are encouraged by the State Government to follow the fish culture in 6 metre dia round cages with subsidy for construction of cages and supply of inputs. By this way, more than 75 cages are operated for fish culture with more than a one ton of fish harvested from each cage with the culture period of 6 to 7 months. Fish Culture in Cages Picture 2Fish Culture in Cages Picture 1

Fisheries Industries
In Ramanathapuram district 3 fish processing factories are functioning in Thondi and Mandapam. Prawn, squids, Cuttle fish, Crabs and fish are processed and exported to foreign countries. Many small entrepreneurs are involved in fish drying in Pamban, Thangachimadam areas. Dried fish is used in poultry and cattle feed manufacturing.

Page Last Updated on 24th August 2016